Lady Daphne

Lady Daphne
Bizarrlady Daphne

32 years old – 175 cm gross

I am Lady Daphne, a dominant Bizarrelady and a passionate roleplayer.
For our enjoyement I like to inflict lustful pain to you or I’ll train you to be my submissive servant and willless admirer.

I know exactly what I want and what not.
You will feel my hard hand and my whip when I think it’s appropriate.

But maybe, if you are well-behaved, respectful and ambitious, I’ll allow you, to let your hands glide over my royal curves.
I’ll tie you not only with chains, but also with my eyes and the words that you have always secretly longed for.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bizzare greetings

Lady Daphne

Hard limits:

Scat games

Everything else on arrangement.


Phone (Studio): 030 – 851 03 229