Domina Lucy Faire


Classic elegance, mythical seduction and exciting experimentation.

For a long time there has been a fantasy in your head, this thought: “What if?”
Lucy Faire could be the answer to your desires.
As a devilishly good role-player, she will turn your head. Pushing certain buttons and
even flipping switches in the process:
Once very gentle and humorous, then again relentlessly strict.
With her well-built and curvy body of 1.80 m she most likely towers over you, but even in
the game you are only allowed to look up to her from below and admire her – if you ask
for permission beforehand.
New and unusual ideas go down well with her. Her style has something ritualistic,
magical and if you dare, you may participate in a painful but liberating ritual.
This involves using her favorite tools like whips and floggers, while you are immobilized
and expectantly prepared as a sacrificial offering.

Lucy’s specialties include:
● Anal play (pegging, prostate stimulation).
● Humiliation / classic dominance
● Role Playing (loves clinic/evil nurse play)
● Erotic wrestling

Mistress Lucy Faire is a sadistically inclined dominatrix, but incredibly likes to play out
and fulfill fantasies.
As an elegant lady, she is always happy to receive a little extra, such as small gifts,
letters, etc.


● Girlfriend humiliation experience: you are forced by me to go to a strip club with
me, your chastity cage is set and I have the keys. You want to look at the others,
but you are not allowed. Let’s see how long you can stand it in private while I
make fun of you.
● Ritual BDSM experience: You are my offering to the goddess of lust. I hang you
over a runic circle, let wax drip on you. The more you endure, the more you are
transformed into an appropriate offering. With whip and weights on your
intimate places, or complete sensory deprivation and light electric shocks we
drive it slowly further and further, until you completely detach yourself and give
yourself to me completely.
● Looning
● Sounding
● Trampling
● Vomit

m/f/enby/couples welcome!
Languages: English/German

Sessions only by appointement!
Handy: +49 (0) 159- 04 89 74 99